I started my day the way I wish I could start everyday, with a delicious power flow yoga class. It is pretty much the best way to wake up your mind and body. Yoga is at the top of my “things that should be free in life” list and I’m always trying to get friends to try it out. I bought myself a package at my favorite yoga studio as a present for completing my first year of grad school and I’m amazed at the changes that I have seen in just 6 weeks.  If you live in the Madison area, give Inner Fire Yoga a shot. This morning’s class was a wonderfully balanced flow both calm and challenging,  just the way I like it.

Now onto the food.

There is a reason my breakfast wasn’t pictured, because I inhaled it before it could have it’s glamour shot chance. ☹ It was boring anyways, just oatmeal with fresh mixed berries.

My lunch however, was quite surprising. I had a spinach salad with carrots, cherry tomatoes, avocado (seriously the best salad ingredient) and…..deli sliced ham. I haven’t eaten ham in ages, but threw it in last night on a whim because we were running low on turkey. The shocker is, I liked it!! I think it’s important to re-try foods every once and awhile because I believe that your tastes change and evolve just like you do.  My salad was accompanied by an apple and some Dannon yogurt.

*This baby almost didn’t get a picture either. I was extremely hungry after my nooner at the gym and was half way done before I remembered.

I had no inspiration or craving when it came time to start thinking about what to cook for dinner, so when I got home I just sort of threw something together. Penzeys Spices make my job easier. I quickly threw together a marinade for some chicken using the Penzeys’ fox point seasoning, chopped garlic, lemon juice and a splash of OVOO.

I love how this picture captures just how hot I like to enjoy my food. It was quite tasty especially paired with half a sweet potato and some garlic summer squash. Sweet potato + cottage cheese = hello amazingness. I had no idea but you’ll be seeing more sweet potatoes in the future.

I spent the rest of my evening catching up with Mama Bird and her not-so-little Ella. Ella and I had a blast playing Ring around the rosie. She thought the “we all fall down” part was hilarious.

Good night!


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