Saved by the Bell

As luck would have it last night I had a birthday happy hour (for a my co-worker) at Pasquals in the Hilldale Shopping Center tonight. Pasquals is an adorable locally owned Mexican restaurant with AMAZING guac and chips. I had a lot to accomplish so I refrained from the chips (okay I had 3) and sipped a Corona light. I’m a bad blogger, I forgot to take pictures.

Pasquals is also conveniently located next to Sentry grocery store, one of my favorites in town. I try to limit my visits to Sentry as it is pricier than most of the other grocery stores in town but they have SO many speciality items that I heart. Exhibit A, these are all different kinds and flavors of hummus.

Exhibit B, it is the only store in Madison (that I’m aware of) that stocks Westby cottage cheese a.k.a. the best cottage cheese in the world. When I made this discovery, I’m fairly certain I started jumping up and down right in the dairy cooler section and immediately called my parents. What? That response is completely normal and appropriate. My parents of course shared in my joy because they fed my addiction all through college. I digress, anyways I needed to pick up a few items for a dinner recipe I’m cookin’ up later this week and somehow all these other items just jumped into my basket. 🙂

The only problem with this picture is that something is missing, the very item I went to the store for, I forgot. Ugh, my memory sucks.

Have I mentioned that my husband hates, HATES grocery shopping with me? He is the wham, bam, thank you ma’m type and I just love waltzing the aisle and looking at all of my options before making a selection. It is some how relaxing.  He still goes grocery shopping with me on occasion, because he knows I enjoy the company. That’s love! 🙂

Anywho, I decided that I wanted to use some of the fresh pesto from the other night, but I wasn’t at all in the mood for pasta or spaghetti squash. After consulting with the belly, we decided that pesto chicken with asparagus sounded wonderful. This meal couldn’t have been easier and really hit the spot. I cook the chicken with some olive oil (1tsp), red onions, a little Penzey Fox seasoning and a splash of red wine.

This is pre-pesto and I completely cheated with the asparagus and used the Ziploc steam’n’fresh bag to cook it. Those bags are a life-saver when I’m hungry.

It was nummy! I ended up chatting with a friend over some wine and the evening got away from me, although I turned in my HW assignments with an hour to spare. 🙂 I am just a great student this summer.

This morning I actually got out of bed when I my second alarm went off!!! I was happy and I think EJ was VERY happy. I am not so good with alarms, hearing them, turning them off, etc.  I got to wake up with a little help from some friends.

Oh Jessie and AC!! It was the Valentine’s day episode from their senior year and it was gagtastic!

After my 4 mile run, I used my last farmer’s market egg as the base of my breakfast. It was wonderful and I was hesitant because I usually don’t do runny eggs until my belly is full awake.

I love natural light! It was so bright and lovely this morning.

Insert wonderful transition here. I can’t wait for this evening! I’m picking a special little lady after work, heading home to change and then we are off to meet friends for the first Concerts on the Square. I’ll make sure to bring my camera and snap lots of pics. Have a great day!


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