Last Minute Lunch Date

Hello party people, happy Thursday! As I mentioned yesterday, our fridge is pretty bare so last night I prepared overnight oats for lunch today. I brought almond butter & jelly as well, because if I like something new I tend to OD on it.

I was all ready to eat my oats when some  friends text, asking if I wanted to meet them out for lunch and of course I gladly accepted the invitation.

Aren’t they cute? They didn’t realize I was taking their picture. 🙂

Guess who else made a surprise appearance?

Anyways, we met at the Great Dane in Hilldale shopping center and snagged a table outside. The humidity has finally subsided a bit, so it felt great to sit outside without having suicidal thoughts or cursing your mother. 🙂

The Great Dane isn’t what I would classify as healthy although their menu items continue to improve and impress me. I have some go-to choices, but I decided that I wanted to try something different while looking at their menu online. I ordered the Webster Street Chicken salad sans dressing because cranberries and gorgonzola cheese sounded wonderful.

Webster street chicken Salad

Roasted chicken strips, Granny Smith apples, sun-dried cranberries, walnuts and Gorgonzola cheese drizzled with a Honey Citrus dressing. Served on top of mixed greens and tomatoes.

I order the salad after clarifying with the waiter that it was in fact chicken in a salad and NOT chicken salad. BIG difference people, BIG difference and I’ve been tricked too many times to fall for it again.

It was so pretty and the cranberries and gorgonzola were amazing, but the salad all together was just okay.  It was good enough, because I ate it all, but it wasn’t special and unfortunately the description is misleading. It says roasted chicken, but the chicken had some type of breading as well.

I think I might crack and go to the store. I realized I don’t have any Leanne snacks for  this weekend and three days is a long time to relay on take-out.  I’m thinking about starting new recipe Thursday, so hopefully I will have some time before vball and after HW to whip together something new and tasty.

Later Gators.


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