Training fun

I am currently blogging from all day training. I love training AND group activities. Please note that last sentence is dripping in sarcasm but in all fairness I understand why my company wants me here.

I couldnt get my butt out of bed to workout this morning as planned, it probably had something to do with only getting 5 hours of sleep. I gave in and let my body get another hour of rest.

If only I didn’t have such a crush on Matt Lauer and Ann Curry, I would have had time to whipped up some oatmeal or an omelete, but alas they are a staple in my mornings which meant I was running extremely late and only had time for toast.

The best part of my morning was waking up sore, I love feeling that wonderful yummy good pain after a great workout. I am trying to incorporate more lifting into my workouts and threw in a few sets of legs press and arm weight exercises yesterday. Yummy!

I assumed that we would be fed lunch at training, since my last training program provided breakfast options and lunch but I quickly learned that I was in charge of finding my own lunch today. I’ll keep you posted on my lunch concoction.

I apologize for the boring post, I do have an exciting dinner planned and a dessert recipe. 🙂


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