Foodie Brain

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up after a night of drinking?


Yesterday morning the first thing on my mind was getting my chicken marinade prepared and ready for dinner. I’m not normal. In other news, my volleyball team won all three games again this week. We celebrated a bit too hard for a Thursday night. Next week, I’m going to try to sneak a few more waters and a few less beers.

Asian Garlic-Chili Lime Marinade

– 2 parts soy sauce
– 1 part lime juice (I used straight lime juice and then the juice of one lime)
– 1 tbsp Chili garlic sauce
– 1 tbsp minced garlic
– black pepper

I served my chicken with a side of cilantro couscous and mostly naked (other than pepper and no salt garlic & herb seasoning) grilled veggies. This gets a thumbs up but the marinade flavors didn’t pop as much as they did as a dipping sauce. Oh well.

Today has been a day. It started out swimmingly, I hit up Maxwell Street days for my annual jeans purchase at Bop. I’ve been doing this for about 3-4 years now and I have a closet full (about 8 pairs) of designer jeans, of which I’ve never spent more than $60 per pair. 🙂 I also picked up a pair of Hudson for my sister as a late b-day present. I can’t wait to see them on her. Then I strolled over to the farmer’s market to pick up some essentials and on my way home I took EJ some lunch at the pool.

From there my day has gone down hill. I’ve been studying for an exam that I hoped to be done with by now….ugh I hate finance. Also, I haven’t been all that hungry today and therefore haven’t really eaten much, I think because I’m anxious about the exam. I’m hoping to at least finish the rest of the practice problems and homework assignments before taking a break for the evening. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m so much more productive and alert in the mornings so I know it is best to just wait until tomorrow morning to take my exam.

On the bright side, having the choice and flexibility to take my exam tomorrow or Monday instead of today is a huge advantage of my program. In case you are wondering, I am doing my MBA course work completely online.

Back to the books.


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