Lunchtime Efficiency

Good afternoon! I realized that I rarely share my lunch eats and I wanted to give you a peek at what a typically lunch looks like. Most days, I eat at my desk because I take advantage of my company’s on-site gym during my lunch break.

Today for example, I kicked my tush on the elliptical while trying to read lecture notes. It was a great workout  and a not-so-great study session. I’m cool with that, we can’t win them all.

I realized how much strength I’ve built in such short amount of time and I couldn’t help but smile mid-workout. Reason #1560 that my co-workers (at the gym) probably think I’m nuts.  Back in March level 4 on the elliptical killed me, and today I was between levels 10-12.  As I’ve mentioned before, yoga has really helped me recognize and appreciate my body’s strength and I love that I’ve been able to carry this recognition into my daily life. Although it may sound crazy, I find myself thanking my body for what I put it through on a daily basis.

I rewarded myself kindly with a wonderful lunch.

First, a ham and turkey sandwich on sprouted grain bread with garlic lovers hummus, mustard and diced roasted red peppers.

Then I devoured my sliced green peppers and almost forgot about the laughing cow cheese I brought. I was able to try the swiss laughing cow on my apple as well and I really enjoyed the tart apple and creamy swiss flavor combination.

I also brought a mammoth grapefruit and chocolate brownie Z-bar for my afternoon snack. Check it out.

However, I took one look at the Z-bar and  pooof it was gone. 🙂 Although I follow Weight Watchers, I believe this lunch is about 500 calories.  I hope you enjoyed seeing my typical sack lunch.


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