What a weekend! It was filled with love, laughter, drinking, eating, cleaning and studying. Alot of ‘ings going on. Phew. I’ll post a recap with my favorite pics of the weekend later tonight, but I felt so bad abandoning my blog over  the weekend that I wanted to share my day so far.

After a weekend of pure indulgence, I like to kick off my Monday morning with two things: a killer workout and a green monster. I accomplished one of the two this morning and plan to kick my booty over lunch and then this evening I’ll sweat out all the toxins in Power Flow.

For some reason my green monster this morning was extra tasty, it was thicker than usual (perhaps I used less almond milk than I typically do) and the addition of blueberries and coconut cacao nips on top were excellent.

It makes me feel fancy to drink my GMs out of a wine glass.

Don’t you love the toes creeping into the picture? I also feel fancy when I wear my peep toe red heels.

Confession time. I’m nervous about the half marathon training, not because I don’t think I can handle it but because I don’t want to lose the balance that I have worked so hard to create. Towards the end of my half training in the Spring, my runs became “had to” instead of “want to” and at times working out was a huge chore.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my workouts post half and feel like I’m in a good place, although I need to incorporate more lifting. Hi, I’m Leanne and I’m a cardio queen.

I’m on the fence right now because I do want to challenge my body and step outside my comfort zone but I also don’t want to get bored or worse dread my workouts. Maybe I just need to find a running buddy to go on outdoor runs with me….I don’t know. Any advice?


One thought on “Recovery

  1. Running buddies make a huge difference. My current running buddy is moving to Denver next week, and I’m a bit beside myself, because I look forward to running with her, and sharing stories, venting, etc.

    Are there any running stores in your area where people meet for training runs that you can meet up with those groups and meet new people, plus get your runs in and be held accountable for it?

    I’m worried about the same thing with marathon training, with my running buddy leaving, I’m not sure how I’m going to do those 15+ mile runs and not just feel like it’s sucking. Gotta keep my eye on the prize I guess!

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