Million Dollar Salad

Oh my Joan! You make it hurt soooooo good. My 75 min inner fire flow class was intense and Joan wasn’t messin’ around today. You know when your instructor says, “either jump or step back into your high plank,” from standing position? I was able to hop today! I left feeling accomplished and like a puddle of goo and happiness. 🙂

For lunch today, I was out and about running some errands and  decided to try a new chain restaurant. I like salads (no surprise there) so many of my friends have told me about this new restaurant because they thought I would enjoy it, so I had to give it a try.

I stopped at my local Salad Creations to pick up a…salad. The menu and layout are immediately overwhelming, however the staff wasn’t at all pushy and were very helpful. They even let me try samples of the dressing when I couldn’t decide.

I went with the Santa Fe Chicken salad, substituted  spinach for romaine and requested no cheese. The salad spoke to me with its whispers of chicken, tomatoes, carrots, red onions, corn and sunflower seeds.

Hey Salad Creations, doesn’t it suck when someone buys your .com URL? That has to sting a little bit. Any who, I opted for the large because I didn’t bring anything else for lunch or an afternoon snack. I also like to see how much salad I can consume in one sitting.

Verdict #1 – I can consume ALOT of greens.

Verdict #2 – The salad was good and very healthy (around 350 calories w/out cheese), but SUPER expensive at $9 something with tax. My other comment is, HOLY, HOLY red onions batman. The ratio was completely off and left me with horrible breath the remainder of the day.

That’s all I have to say about that.



3 thoughts on “Million Dollar Salad

    • It is on Junction Rd, in the same building as HuHot (seriously you think someone would have stopped them from naming it this) also near Eno Vino. It was good, but watch out for the red onions.

  1. I have been there twice, and both times the romaine was gross! Like see through and soggy. I should try it again, because as a salad lover you would know if it was crap still!

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