Vacation Hangover

I don’t know how else to describe it. I miss the ocean, the beach, my family and sleeping in. I didn’t miss cubicleland at all.

I felt rough this morning when my alarm (s) went off and stumbled around the house, clumsily getting myself ready looking half way decent for work.


My breakfast was quick, tasty and easy on the belly. Over the weekend my stomach finally started to feel normal again, so I’m slowly working back to my regular eating habits. A toasted Arnold thin, ½ with almond butter and the other half Swiss laughing cow cheese both topped with thin slices of apples.

When I got to work, I knew it was going to be a coffee kind of day and decided to give the Starbuck’s VIA another try. Originally, I tried it right before leaving for vacation without sweetener, creamer and with a hangover so I thought it deserved another shot.

With the addition of sweetener and powder creamer (bleh) VIA was much more pleasant and 3 times better than the “coffee” provided at work. I don’t think VIA will become my coffee of choice anytime soon, but I like it as an “on-the-go” option.


The other realization I made when I got to work was that I had forgotten my packed gym bag at home AND to pack a lunch. Darn you vacation hangover, you’ve turned my mind mush. I really didn’t want to eat out again or spend $$ at the cafeteria on-site, so I had home for lunch.  The drive only took me 7 minutes!!! Turns out, I should forget my gym bag more often because lunch was fantastic and so rejuvenating. Using a tip from Heather, I whipped (beat) my egg whites before cooking them and it made all the difference.

Check out how fluffy they got.

Not just any omelet, a white omelet. with blue cheese, parsley, mushrooms and spinach.

For my sweet, I whipped up a fruit quesadilla with peaches and almond butter. I’ve seen these bad boys on Meghann’s blog for a while now and have been dying to try them out.

Yummmm. This was hands done one of the best work week lunches I’ve had in a while and I got to savor every bite from my couch with my pup. I’m a happy camper.  My lunch was heavier than normal, but I wanted to fuel my body for an after work run.

I just realized that I forgot my camera cord at home….bah! The hangover was worth it.

Happy (ish) Monday kids!

Edited: To update the links I forgot. My mind really is mush.


2 thoughts on “Vacation Hangover

  1. Let me know if you like VIA enough to drink it often because I get a free box of it/pound of coffee/box of tea EVERY WEEK! I’d love to send you something since I like your blog so much 🙂 PS- Overnight Oats are one of my newfound favorites and it’s all because of Glorious Greens. Happy cooking!

  2. I’m so glad you love overnight oats! They are so easy, filling and really versatile depending on the contents of your fridge. I’m drinking VIA again today and I have to say it is growing on me. I think with real creamer instead of the powder crap, it would be lovely. Does Starbucks make other blends? I purchased the Columbia, medium roast. I would love to try some others, especially the iced version.

    Are you going to be home anytime soon? I’m rarely there but will be in town next weekend and a few weekends in September and I would love to hang!

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