Boring Work Lunch

Phew. I’ve been putting out work fires all morning and was definitely ready for a break. After realizing on my way to work that I had forgotten a lunch AND my gym bag AGAIN, I started thinking my lunch plans. We are having dinner with EJ’s family tonight, so I wanted to keep it light and leafy.


  1. Drive home
  2. Eat at Cafeteria salad bar
  3. Drive to pick up something
  4. Order something

Because I didn’t get an AM or lunch workout in, I’m going to try to squeeze something in after work and before family dinner, so I didn’t want to waste time driving. I eliminated #1 and #3 from my list. Apparently, I work in BFNW and places like Jimmy Johns doesn’t deliver and the thought of order anything greasy made me feel nauseous. I eliminated #4 and started heading to the Caf.

Truth #1 I’m getting sick of my Caf salads, but everything else they serve is suspect.

Truth #2 All I have been craving since Sunday is homemade risotto. I’m weird, I know. But you better believe I picked up all of the necessary ingredients for homemade risotto.

I tried to switch things up and add a hardboiled egg and some 3-bean salad to my norm, but the 3-bean tasted like butt. I ate the rest of my salad grumpily.

I attempted to turn that frown upside-down with some FREE popcorn.

It worked.

I’m in need of some lunch time creativity. Tasty and cheap, pretty please.


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