Return of the Green Monster

I love impromptu adventures! Yesterday afternoon, a friend asked if I was interested in going to the Mallards baseball game with a few of my favorite ladies.  Great friends.  Free food AND drinks. Yes, please.

Unfortunately, my planned run had to be cut down after leaving work considerably later than normal.  I had about 30-40 minutes to squeeze in a run and opted for the treadmill in case the caravan was running ahead of schedule. After 1.5 miles around a 9:18 pace, my legs felt fresh and I was still full of energy. I had been running on sand the past week, so I figured it was a great day for a challenge.

I ran 4 miles in 34:19, which means my average pace was around 8:35! WHAT?! That is the fastest 4 miles I’ve run in ages.

I was a sweaty BEAST afterwards and as luck would have it, just as I finished my run, my friends pulled into the driveway.  I panicked, held up my best “1 minute” sign and dashed into the bathroom. I flew into the shower, gave my hair a quick shampoo and then half soaking wet and still sweating threw on whatever clothes  were on top of my unpacked suitcase. I was in the car, in 4 minutes. No joke. Who knew I could be so speedy.

We arrived fashionable late to the game and starving. Once we got to the Duck Blind and figured out of seat situation, we bee lined to the food and beer.

We discussed which meat selection was the lesser of all evils and all agreed that you would be a crazy person to not get the brew city fries. I opted for the veggie burger and hoped for the best (read: loaded it up with condiments).  I got so caught up in conversation and the giggles that I almost forget to snap a picture of my burger.

I also enjoyed a Bud light lime 2x (although I dumped a portion of my first cup after discovering dirt in the bottom of my cup).

The conversation, laughs and smile were a flowin’ last night.

I love these ladies! Liney, Kathie and Kelly

This post has gotten way longer than I anticipated but I have more exciting news. I finally have a BLENDER again. When we returned on Sunday, I was greeted with a box of love from Cuisinart. Apparently, our blender was defective because they sent us a brand one (and upgraded) blender.

In order to properly christen my blender, I prepared a wonderful and spinachtastic Green Monster this morning.

Isn’t she lovely….isn’t she bea-u-ti-ful. J

To balance out the beer, I loaded this bad boy with about 3 cups of spinach.


3 cups spinach
½ of water
¾ cup light coconut milk
1 tbsp Vanilla TJ Hemp Protein Powder
1 frozen banana

I’ve been full for over 5 hours. You just can’t beat the power of  the GM.


7 thoughts on “Return of the Green Monster

  1. hi! new follower of your blog… i like your writing style and lots of photos. question: how spinach-y are your green monster smoothies? i mean obviously with three cups they would be pretty green, just curious about the actual taste when mixed with delish things like banana and coconut milk.

    • Hi Katie!! Thanks for stopping by and your kind words. I was nervous when I first started making GMs and only used about a cup. I couldn’t taste the greens at all. No joke. So, little by little I started increases the amount to work out what fit my tastes and veggie needs the best. I typically use around 2 cups of spinach. I also usually use almond milk, so this morning was a treat with coconut milk. I know alot of bloggers use almond butter or pb for additional flavor but I love the taste of naners.

      • ah, gotcha. i do love almond milk as well. and peanut butter! so one of these is enough alone to keep you full til lunch? sorry for the mass questions, i’m thinking about doing a smoothe bfast routine myself 🙂

      • Katie – I LOVE questions and getting to interact with other like minded ladies! I had another GM this morning around 7:15 and although I consumed an apple during a meeting, I was satisfied until lunch time. I should mentioned that I even worked out over lunch, so I didn’t eat lunch until 1 pm and I wasn’t ready to eat my arm off.

        I do think the protein powder is a key ingredient to help keep you full, as well as the additional fat from the coconut milk or peanut butter. Sometimes if I’m not feeling the powder I add 1/4 or 1/2 of an avocado. I know this sounds odd, but it adds alot of creaminess to the smoothie and a healthy dose of fat.

  2. So glad you could join us for the game! I had a blast too!!
    And just so you have your details straight…it was 3 minutes…you were in the car in 3 minutes, showered and looking lovely. 🙂

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