Risotto Repeat

Today was fairly average, not much that was blog worthy. I would like to introduce my new M-F coffee date.

My very own french press! I picked her up at Target for $19.99 along with some ground french vanilla Dunkin’ Donut coffee. I figured this will save me money in the long run.

OH.MY.GOD why does DD’s coffee smell like coffee crack?? I looked like the febreeze peeps every time I opened my cabinet at work. My question is, why doesn’t it taste as insanely good as it smell? I like DD coffee, but it doesn’t taste as vanilla-y as it smells.

I also found these guys while waltzing the aisles at Target and I have heard Alexa rave about them, so they hopped into the basket.

I grabbed the apple and banana variety of the Funky Monkey snacks and if you like dried fruit, you must stop what you are doing and go buy these. I was amazed by the flavor and surprised (pleasantly) by the crunch! I’m so excited to taste the apple flavor.

For lunch inhaled and licked the bowl nibbled on leftover risotto. It was just as good the next day, perhaps the addition of leftover stock in the Tupperware had something do with it.

I paired my risotto with a some grapes and a light tuna sandwich. Fairly average in comparison to the risotto but the grapes were so sweet and amazing.

I realized that I don’t get very much calcium in my diet these days as dairy and I aren’t friends. I’m weird and worry about getting brittle bones later in life,  so I picked up some calcium chews while at Target last night.

Aren’t they adorable? [Sidenote: I applied lotion about 3 times today and they are still dry!]

Gotta jet, time for dinner out with friends and then I’ll be waking up at the butt crack and heading to La Crosse to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of one of my best friends, Nikki. I can’t wait for all the  ridiculousness.


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