Oink-oink baby

After such a fun filed weekend, I wanted to keep my eats healthy but a little different today. I’ve been eating a lot of the same things over and over and recently I’ve started getting bored, especially with my lunches.

I recently discovered a NEW flavor of Cliff Z-bars, smores. Yes, they are just a tasty as they sound and they are still packed with all the good stuff as the other flavors. I enjoyed my granola bar along with some perfectly sweet and crunchy grapes and coffee from my new french press.

I definitely had a case of the Mondays today, there were a lot of work fires that filled my morning, so by lunchtime I was ready to turn my brain off and enjoy the food and flavors.

I’ve sick of getting the same boring salad from my work cafeteria, so I was pleasantly surprised to see a healthy soup option (FINALLY!). I glad picked up a bowl of chicken and vegetable soup to go with the sweet potato that I brought from home. I also grabbed some cottage cheese from the salad bar to go on top my tater.

I guess my eyes were bigger than my tummy and I decided that I also needed a side salad. By the time I ate my sweet potato and soup, along with the (unpictured) apple from home I wasn’t hungry and put my salad aside. I ended eating it as my afternoon snack. I’m seriously debating bringing more small salads for afternoon snacks, it was crunchy, slightly salty and leafy!

Our house is an utter pigsty and I didn’t want to create my dishes before yoga, so I got creative. Tortilla pizza sounded perfect. I quickly sautéed some Sanders’ eggplant and then diced up some shallots. This also gave me an excuse to use up the remaining pasta sauce, so I can open the Sander’s variety sooner.

I didn’t want a belly ache, so I mixed up thinned garlic hummus, nutritional yeast and tahini to use as my cheese for the pizza.

Such a light and filling dinner to eat before yoga. Yoga was INTENSE and I sweat buckets. I also managed to finally remember the book my Monday instructor reads passages from, Anatomy of the Spirit. I definitely need to see if the library has a copy before I leave for the cabin. Scenic cabin + inspirational yogi book = perfect combo.

We spent the remainder of our evening, with our newly engaged friends! They told us all about their engagement weekend, initial wedding plans, showed off the bling-bling and drank some wine to celebrate. I’m thrilled for them and I’ll admit got a little choked up seeing both of them so smiley. They are a perfect pair and I can’t wait!! She is also going to be like the most adorable and gorgeous bride.

It’s way past my bedtime, so I’ll be signing off. Looks like this long run won’t be happening tomorrow morning…


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