GM First Timer

I had no idea that my house would turn into Fantasy Football draft headquarters last night and upon returning from one of the most sweaty and challenging flow class there would dudes and laptops everywhere.

I also didn’t realize there wouldn’t be a laptop for blog. Blogging = my version of fantasy football.

Even after a cold shower, I was still sweating and the thought of hot food made me what to vom. I had just received an AMAZING package from the folks at Manitoba Harvest (gooooo Mooses!) with all kinds of goodies that I was dying to try, but one in particular caught my eye immediately.

Come to momma…dark chocolate and no dairy or soy….keep talking…and look at those stats…

Dinner was simple and this was going to be Kerri’s FIRST GM, dinner was simple.

Dark Chocolate-Chocolate GM (yes, it is as good as it sounds)


Thumbs up, she liked it!

This was such a treat, I typically use vanilla protein powder for my GMs and the Manitoba hemp protein was tasty (not chalky) and chocolaty! Best part is hemp = no belly ache! WHOOP WHOOP! <—- Insert very awkward white girl dance party here. Yes, I’m that excited! If the vanilla flavor is half as tasty as the chocolate, I think I’ve finally found my protein powder of choice. I’ve been buying sample packets at whole foods for a while now and I ready to settle down. We ate these and retreated to the bedroom to watch trashy TV. TAKE THAT Fantasy Football! 🙂

I might need a spinach intervention.  After stuffing myself with greens last night, I woke up craving another GM.

It was camera-shy and I’m glad, it wasn’t good. I’m already hoarding my Manitoba Harvest protein powder, so in an attempt to conserve I tried another sample, Nutiva. It was probably my fault I grabbed the plain kind and………akkkkkkkkkk. Thank heavens for the apple fairy that left a dozen sitting in the community kitchen. Yes please and thank you!

Lunch was shoveled in while doing a million errands.

Hmmmmm…looks like spaghetti, right?

NOPE, I fooled you. Spaghetti squash with Sanders pasta sauce.

  • FAFSA. Check
  • Setting-up dress alteration appointment. Check
  • Purchase Books. (Begrudgingly) Check
  • Find a different school offering Grad level Stats, online. CHECK!

Pheww! My brain hurt after today.

The whole way home from my alterations appointment I debated about what to make for dinner and I was all set to make Heather’s (CD) Almond Butter Chili but when I got home, I didn’t want spinach (thank goodness)wanted a burger.

This black bean burger was amazing….but not as amazing as your husband whispering sweet nothings like, “I’m going to spend tomorrow cleaning and doing dishes.” but it was damn good.

Oh baby, oh baby. He is a keeper.

Nighty nighty kiddos. I’ve got yoga twice and body pump tomorrow, so I need some beer and beauty rest. 🙂


4 thoughts on “GM First Timer

  1. Hah, I am cracking up over here about the husband sweet nothings. I think mine would say something like “Here baby, let me sweep and mop the floor and then I’ll scrub the tub – you just read your blogs and drink some wine”. Yeah, I think I’d faint at that point ;).

  2. can you come cook for me, and take me to yoga and body pump and then cook for me again.. and then do the whole thing over in the morning? I’m only 2% joking…

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