Adventures of the girl who forgot breakfast

I’ve decided that rather than act like a two year-old in full tantrum mode, I’ll embrace September (read: end of the summer) and focus on all the things I love about this time of year.

  1. Apple Season
  2. Pretty Scenery (changing leaves)
  3. Nikki’s Wedding
  4. Oktoberfest Celebrations

As much as some people are excited about tights, I’m not and I can’t even think about fighting my giraffe legs into those tiny pieces of fabric.

Moving on, I started my day with 6 am flow taught by the Barry White of yoga. Seriously, sometimes I not sure if I’m supposed to fall asleep or be turned on.

Although I wasn’t little miss sunshine going into class, I felt like her when I was leaving the studio. I was showered and ready for a new day and the start of September.  That was until I realized all I had for breakfast was a banana.

Yea, with 3 workouts scheduled today a banana wasn’t going to cut it. So, I ventured when I hadn’t ventured before, the cafeteria at breakfast time. I quickly scanned my options for something moderately healthy. It wasn’t easy, but I left with a balance and healthy breakfast.

Hard-boiled egg, jelly English muffin sandwich = YUM! I was proud, I finally tried the egg/sweet combo and you will definitely see it again on the blog.

Happy Hump Day!


3 thoughts on “Adventures of the girl who forgot breakfast

  1. Hi again…I commented a while back when I found your blog. I have to say I feel the same way about September! Summer in Madison is so amazing and winter is so…long. Trying to look in the bright side though, fall is nice too. Where do you do yoga? Inner Fire?

    • Inner fire all the way baby! I love it, although I haven’t tried alot of other studios. Bliss flow is coming to university ave this month so I’m going yo give them a try. Do you have other recommendations ?

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  2. No, I just go at Capital Fitness because I can get all of the other classes that way too. I do want to try a real studio though and I’ve heard lots of good things about Inner Fire. We’ll see this winter when I can’t do anything outside – seems like a good time for hot yoga!

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