Be Present

I think anyone that knows me or has read this blog knows that I’m the queen of impatience. Mama and Papa Greens deserve tons of cred, because I’m sure it was worse when I was a kid and how they dealt with it is beyond my understanding.

Life isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey. Nothing new, right? Personally, I continuously remind myself to be present in the journey. However, recently with the help of yoga I’ve found myself being present more without even trying or reminding myself.

Yes, I still constantly dream of being done with school, figuring out my career and  knowing where life will take us, but I’m finding myself enjoying the ride and dare I say, going with the flow. [Mom and Dad, please shut your jaws]

I’m not just a planner by nature, I’m the planner. I make (multiple) daily to-do lists, long-term goal lists and I mentally plan out our life. I realize I may sound like a crazy person but I’m hoping there are others out there. Hello…hello, are you there?

How do you stay present? Tips? Mantras? I would love to hear’em.

As I approach the start of another semester, I’m not already dreaming of when it will be over.  I’m actually looking forward to enjoying the Fall.

I still made a to-do list today, but instead of dreaming about 2 years from now I made a list of goals for September.

  • Go to Body Pump once a month (I want to make it twice, however I’m being realistic)
  • Eat less processed sugar
  • Take one night off a week from studying
  • Spend less money (specific, I know)
  • Sleep more (7hrs per night)
  • Complete my 4th half marathon

Today, I worked out 3 separate times not because I felt I should but because I wanted to participate in each activity. After one body pump class and 2 yoga classes, I’m tired but not dead. I have much more strength and endurance than I thought but I don’t know that I will make 3hours of sweating a regular occurence.

I couldn’t even think about anything hot for dinner and therefore made another GM. I was excited to be able to try the Manitoba Harvest Vanilla protein powder and xanthan gum. I also was able to make my FIRST SIAB (Smoothie In A Bowl) avec amazing toppings.

The vanilla powder offered a really nice flavor (not too overpowering or chalky) to the smoothie and I think I’ve found my protein powder! It’s only $21.99 for a big 16oz container and now that I know that I like it, I’m willing to buy it. Although I REALLY REALLY want the dark chocolate too, I need to be reasonable. BOOOO to spending less money!

Xanthan Gum is just a thickener and a little bit goes a LOOOOONG way.

A Berry Vanilla SIAB GM

  • 3 cups spinach
  • 1 tsp xanthan gum
  • 4 cubes of ice (no frozen naners)
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup blueberry yogurt (no almond or coconut milk)
  • 1 tsp TJ’s reduced sugar raspberry jam
  • 2 tbsp Manitoba Harvest Vanilla protein powder

My toppings

  • 1 spoonful Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter Co (I don’t need to explain this one)
  • 1 spoonful TJ’s reduced sugar raspberry jam
  • Handful Lucky Charms (this needs to be out of my house)
  • Handful Cheerios

Verdict? If I have time on my hands (read: not in the morning) I would definitely turn my typical GM into a SIAB GM.

Next on the agenda, is to relax and enjoy my last night of break. There might be a glass of wine in my future or some flavored water. Wow, hey things are gettin’ crazy over here.

*Manitoba Harvest didn’t pay me to review their products and my reviews are 100% honest. I think it is important to not only share/review new products but to also give my opinion about those products, whether I purchased them or they were sent to me.

EDITED TO UPDATE: Mara from I Made Dinner is donating all of her blog proceeds for the month of September to the A to Z Literacy Project. A to Z is a charity spearheaded by a coworker that sends thousands of books annually to needy children in Zambia. Please stop by I Made Dinner and click around a few times, every click counts.


One thought on “Be Present

  1. I think your goals for the month sound great 🙂 It’s nice to make lists like that to make sure we’re focusing on the days right in front of us.

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