Non-green little Monster

A special lady and I got to spend some quality time together last night.

Meet Ella, one of my Madison besties little darling. Isn’t she ridiculously cute? She also looks impressivly innocent in this picture. We hung out while catching up with her parents and hearing all about the wedding details . 🙂

Our conversations went a little like this.

“hi” – Ella

“hi” – Me

“hi” – Ella

<BIG sloppy & adorable kiss> – Ella

<BIG Hug> – Ella

– Repeat about 4 times (I loved every minute of it) –

“hi” – Ella

<Were you naughty at daycare today?” – Me

“Yea. Hi”- Me

Then we played “washing hands” and stand on your toy chest. It was amazing. I love that she understands everything I say or ask and is able to communicate with me.

There was a lot of hugging, snuggling and playing, apparently Joe needs more attention. I kid, I kid.  It was an amazing night.

I think Ella is a budding photographer, her mom thinks zoologist. We shall see. Thanks Leschsin fam for a fantastic evening.

This morning was a tad tired, okay really I was rough due to my wine consumption the night before. I don’t know what it is but even the slightest amount of alcohol during the work week and I feel off the next morning and occasionally the entire next day. That meant breakfast needed to incorporate some comfort food.

PB+Nana Open-face sandwich. Ooooooo……….yum.

Dark chocolate dreams makes EVERYTHING better.

Work went slooowly today and by lunchtime I wasn’t feeling body pump. I decided I should use today as a rest day in preparation for my 10-11 mile run tomorrow. Sometime on rest days, I feel extremely lazy, I think the rest days that I don’t eat as cleanly as I normally do. I’m just rambling now…

Anywooodle, a co-worker and I decided to blow off pump for some retail therapy and a tasty lunch. We head to Target to run some errands (read: mostly unnecessary purchases) and then found ourselves at Barrique’s for lunch. I love me some Barrique’s, they have amazing soups and a fantastic (and inexpensive) wine selection. I’m also loving their tag line, “Wine for the masses, coffee for the people.”

The soup specials today all sounded amazing and I was debating between the tomato basil and veggie gumbo, in order to help make my decision I asked the friendly gentleman behind the counter, “Is there cream in the tomato basil soup?” To which, he (almost quite literally if you watched his eyes) reached in the back of his brain and answered, “No.”

Tomato basil, it is.

Yes, this soup looks delicious and the bread/scone/cornbread “roll” was insanely tasty but that soup has cream in it. BOOOOOOO on you good-looking counter boy. You should now your menu’s ingredients.

Thankfully, my belly cooperated and didn’t throw a hissy fit and for that I’m grateful. The rest of the day was painfully slow and uneventful, so I cut out early. I’m currently enjoying beautiful and clean house while waiting for my wife (read: Kerri)  to get to my house.

Happy long weekend!!!


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