Pirates, Love and Cocktails

I’m still recovering from my weekend. Ugh. Nikki and Nate’s wedding was amazing, she looked stunning and both the ceremony and reception were unique, meaningful and beautiful.
It was the first wedding that I got to hang out with all of my family AND all my high school friends and it was a blast.

I’m still trying to track down a video of my brother singing at the wedding, but here are some of my favorites from the day.

Classy lady on the Redneck Express (bus) drinking wine out of a plastic cup. 🙂

Table decorations

Last night as a single lady!

Beefstick anyone? I was REALLY hungry and wanted more than just chips.

I tried to be a responsible adult and recognize  that I was drunk and should switch to water and even though I made the switch about 3 hours before bar time (with the exception of the most amazing (shared) bloody mary), I was STILL hung over the next day.

PROOF.  I was also rockin’ my 60-yr old smoker voice. Ej is a lucky man. HA

We had places to be on Sunday….meaning a Pirate themed wedding. What, wait? Yes, pirate themed. It was international talk-like-a-pirate day after all.
I must say for a comedic theme like pirates, the wedding and décor was pretty classy. I’m sad that I only had 10 minutes and half a brain to come up with my costume, because I completely failed in comparison to most of their guests.

I’m been trying to catch up on sleep, school work and house cleaning all week and failing at most because I’ve just been exhausted. I did something on Tuesday night that I rarely do, I took a nap after work. It was HEAVEN.

My apologies for the SUPER long post.

For years, I was the girl who called her female co-worker (yah we are close like that) or best friends to ask, “when are we getting our periods?”  My cycle has always been the follower type and seemed piggy back onto the “cool” kid cycles or so I thought.  Whenever my doctor would ask, “what the date of your last cycle?” I would star at her blankly and pull a date out of thin air. I was the worst girl ever, until 4 months ago.
I was sick of asking my co-workers for a tampon (bc I was never expecting it), my Vicky’s bill was growing and I had just changed jobs so my built-in back-up plan was gone. Enter the iPhone. We had just switched over to the iPhone and during the high of my new toy and downloading apps, I found a period tracker app for FREE.
EJ likes to tell me that all it took was getting the iPhone to become a better girl. ☺ I’ve been tracking since April/May and based on the app, my cycle is an avg of 28 days. I’m a regular as regular can be, who knew.
Thank iPhone, I love you.
Anyone else have this issue? What tools do you use?
End of random Leanne ramblings .


6 thoughts on “Pirates, Love and Cocktails

  1. God I love you! Can’t wait to see you again (sorry, the recuperation is all you – I will supply the Bloody Marys bright and early on Saturday morning, as well as brats, beer, kraut, and a host of other little naughties!!

    Rest up quick – you’ll be back on the road again tomorrow! Should I reserve a bed for you? Seems the whole fam is staying her all weekend!! We really love each other, huh??


  2. A friend was just telling me about the period tracker. I stopped taking the pill but don’t want to get pregnant and cannot ever remember when I’m supposed to get my period.

    Okay, I don’t know if I’ve commented before on your blog and this is sort of a strange comment. Sorry!

    • Do you follow Caitlin from healthy tipping point? She also using a different form of natural birth control that involves a machine. I LOVE the period tracker and if you upgrade to the purchased version, you could also track your temp to help avoid ovulation. I’m so glad you commented!

  3. Isn’t it amazing how exhausting weddings can be. So fun, but they can wear you down! My friend’s (which I was in) was this weekend and I’m feeling it today.

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