Weekend warrior

What a WEEKEND (last weekend)!  I’m still recovering but it was all worth it, which is a large reason why I haven’t been posting regularly. All the fun I’ve been having on the weekends has gotten me seriously behind in my school work. I had an exam this week that I studied for and took (pray I passed) and a number of large papers due over the course of the next few weeks.

Anyways, If I haven’t already mentioned Oktoberfest in La Crosse is a BIG deal and my family takes festing very seriously. There are spreadsheets planning games, meals, drinks, clothing, etc.

This year had a special twist, my sister and I decided to run the Maple Leaf ½ Marathon the morning of the opening Oktoberfest parade.
It sounded like such a great and fun idea 3 months ago, however on Oktoberfest eve I was plotting to convince my sister to bail on the half and run the 5 mile race instead. I pulled out all my persuasive tricks and she shut them down one by one, told me to suck it up and run. Love her!
Even though my stomach was feeling iffy, my legs and lungs felt great and our constant conversation got us to mile 5 without evening realizing it. Around that same time, we realized that we were running about the same pace as 4 other woman and being the social butterflies we started chatting them up.

Not only did we meet a bunch of fantastic, fun, fit and interesting ladies but running with them made miles 5-11 a breeze. It was the easiest half that I’ve ever run and the best part is we crushed my sister’s goal…by 25 minutes.
13.1 miles in 2:15:40.
The best part was that about 3 blocks before the finish line there is a parking lot that our family watches the parade and they were already there, cheering us on like nobody’s business. I get emotional just thinking about it.

13.1 miles done.

Hilarious outfit change and poorman’s “shower” done.
Let the festing begin….and boy did it.

Rewind a day, I’m talking to my mom as we are packing up and getting ready to leave for La Crosse and she says “Did you pack your drinking glove?”

That’s how you know you are both from La Crosse. Love it.

The rest of the day was spent with my favorite F’s. Family, Friends, Food, Fun and Funk.

The past week I’ve been trying to recuperate with lots of sleep, soup and studying. Even before the half, I felt like I was fighting off a cold and after cramming in over 10 hours of sleep both Friday and Saturday and I’m finally starting to feel like myself ago.

As for my posting, I’m going to really try to post every other day from now on. I have some really exciting and new recipes planned for the next week. Happy Sunday Evening


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