Happy Hump Day

As my maternity leave comes to an end and my return to work draws closer, I’m trying my best to enjoy every minute of these last few days with Z. I’m going to be honest, I’m nervous. I’ve done everything to be physically prepared but emotionally I’m going to be a wreck leaving Z.

Okay, enough sad talk….onto the fun and positive.

We are lucky enough to have a Wednesday and a Saturday farmers market within walking distance from our house and with limited produce in our fridge, I knew a trip to the farmers market was perfect for today’s to-do list.

I packed up Z into the stroller and walked the 20 minutes to and from the market. We (meaning me) had a great time and we got alot of loot for very little dinero.

– 6 Yellow Squash
– 1 Melon
– 1 Red Onion
– 2 green peppers
– 1 head of kale
– 1 head of rainbow chard

= $6!!!

Z was sleepy when we got home, so I took the opportunity to squeeze in a mini workout (in addition to our walk…yes, walking counts as a workout these days).

Mini Workout
– 1 minute burpees
– 1 minute mountain climbers
– 1 minute plank
– 30 sec x2 side plank
– 2 min crunches
– 2 minute lunges
– 2 minute squats
– 1 minute biceps
– 1 minute dips

I try to move through these quickly and take as little rest as possible. Some days, I’ll go through this twice and add more arms and call it my workout for the day.  Personally, I hate mountain climbers and burpees so I do those first when I have the most energy and to get them out of the way. 🙂

Once Z wakes up we are off to the pool to spend some time having fun in the sun and visit Daddy while he works. Then we have a “playdate” of sorts this evening. Let’s be honest the playdate is all for the mommies. 🙂

Question: Any quick (and sweaty) workout recommendations? I have a Jackie Warner and Jillian Michaels quick workout DVDs, but I’m always looking for more quick workouts, especially now that my time is limited. My goal is to get back into shape without a gym in order to save money now that we will be a one income family (I’ll save that story for another post). Any recommendations are welcomed.

Hope everyone is having a happy hump day!


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