Weekend Thoughts

I forgot how amazing warm rice krispie treats taste. I’m thinking about making a batch with Nutella soon.

I never imagined I would enjoy staying home (on maternity leave) as much as I have.

I never dreamed I would get so emotional at the end of my maternity leave.

I can’t wait to fill our new chest freezer with homemade baby food. I’ve already made one large batch of zucchini puree and yellow squash puree and the zucchini is growing like a weed in our garden. šŸ™‚

I miss yoga and I don’t know why I haven’t returned yet. I’m hoping to remedy this tomorrow afternoon.

I never realized how much my parents loved me, until I had Zoe. Seriously, go call/text/hug your parents.

I can’t even talk about how sad I am that Biggest Loser brought Anna Kournikova on as a trainer. I get worked up even thinking about it. I was already annoyed with Cara “Yo, I’m a fighter” Castronuova. Maybe I’ll be surprised and Anna will be great, I won’t hold my breath. Yes, I’m a loser.

I really really can’t carry a tune. It sounds like cats are crying when I try to sing Zoe.

I don’t like sunflower butter. Sorry, I’ve tried and it grosses me out. Blech.


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