Fitness Friday

The title of this post is a bit comedic at this point because my fitness level now compared to pre-pregnancy self is a bit of a joke. That being said, I’m okay with and even proud of where I’m at 3.5 months postpartum. I’m back to work and school (ugh! I can’t WAIT to be done with my dumb MBA) and balancing my new role as a mommy.

After a long day, all I want to do is stare at play with and cuddle Z and I don’t have much time either. By the time I get home I have about 2 hours max before she cashes out for the night (unless she tries to get the party started at 3am which is NOT what I consider to be quality time). Then its onto school work or ignoring school work and doing real work work.

I’ve completely failed thus far in my daily attempts to get up and walk/run with Ralphie before work.

Somewhere between 8-10 pm I try and cram in a 20-30 minutes random workout of squats (weighted and non-weighted), lunges, planks, arm weights, mountain climbers, ab crunches, push-ups, and burpees.

I’m trying my best to be realistic with my fitness goals given my work/school load this Fall and the fact that I would rather spend quality time with Z and Ej.

That being said my loose weekly goal will be 3-4 mini workouts and 1 long workout (p90x/hot yoga/running). Anything more will simply be icing on the cake. Hmmmm cake. 🙂

Another fitness related goal is to hang through a deck of cards with a friend of mine. What’s a deck of card? It’s a great and fast mini workout that is fun to do with friends. For the reds you’ll do the corresponding numbers of ab crunches of your choice and for the blacks you do push-ups. The face cards equal 10 and then aces are 1minute planks. My friend absolutely crushed me my first time postpartum and I didn’t like it.

I’ve been doing alot of push-ups and planks in my mini workouts to prepare for my next attempt.

Apologies for the lack of photos, my iphone wordpress app keeps crashing each time I attempt to upload one. Grrr.

Anywho, have a fantastic Friday!


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